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Test-driving the Go language

When I completed my compiler design studies, I felt it was not appropriate for me to give my exercise projects any fancy names and put them on Github. With this in mind, I was used to question any new language which came out of nowhere and wait for a number of readings on my technology radar before considering to deal with it. With a number of significant readings from Google Go, I decided to give it a pleasant test drive.

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From Les Deux Alpes to Alpe d'huez

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Cycling Mont Ventoux

Calling myself a passionate cyclist and having some time off left after coming back from a bike tour to Denmark, I decided to ride three climbs which are used frequently on the Tour de France: Mont Ventoux, Col de Galibier, and Alpe d’Huez, with a break on the Cote d’Azur. This is my report about the Giant of Provence, Mont Ventoux. The Challenge Mont Ventoux is situated in the central Provence, about 30km east of Avignon.

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Heligoland (Helgoland)

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A brief history of persistence in software engineering

During the evaluation period of two new projects with an expected lifespan of 10 years, free from any legacy constraints, I recently had to decide on a method to provide data persistency. Starting from scratch in 2015 prompts the architect with quite a lot of interesting solutions, especially because the more and more mature solutions which are not strictly pursuing the Relational Database approach. In this article I will summarize my personal “history” of how I dealt with persistency and which way I am going to choose.

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Roadtrip through France